Audio Recordings

Body Count
31 December 2018
The Forum
Inglewood, CA, USA
1 CD
CA-11c -> BB -> DR-2d

1. Intro
2. Body Count's in the House
3. Raining Blood / Postmortem
4. Bowels of the Devil
5. Manslaughter
6. No Lives Matter
7. Body Count
8. There Goes the Neighborhood
9. Talk Shit Get Shot
10. Cop Killer
11. This Is Why We Ride

Taper's notes : Some of this might sound a bit cliched now but the opportunity to capture this was the main selling point for me and There Goes The Neighborhood is easily one of the most monstrous riffs ever laid down. As a matter of fact I would say Ernie C is the best guitarist on the bill tonight. Unfortunately the volume was severely lacking the first several bands inside.

I just noticed I was cut and pasting the wrong mics into the info files. Does anyone pay attention to that stuff anyway? (4 hours of sleep and still feeling the effects of illness, DM, Nyquil and Excedrin PM, all 99 cents store knockoffs made in China and loaded with dawg poison). As a matter of fact I don't think I am going to make it thru the whole batch tonight.

Los Angeles 2018