Audio Recordings

Van Halen
3 August 2015
Blossom Music Center
Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Light Up the Sky
2. Runnin' with the Devil
3. Romeo Delight
4. Everybody Wants Some!!
5. Drop Dead Legs
6. Feel Your Love Tonight
7. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
8. She's the Woman
9. China Town
10. I'll Wait
11. Drum Solo
12. Little Guitars
13. Dance the Night Away
14. Beautiful Girls

CD 2

1. Women in Love
2. Hot for Teacher
3. In a Simple Rhyme / Growth
4. Dirty Movies
5. Ice Cream Man
6. Unchained
7. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
8. Guitar Solo
9. You Really Got Me
10. Panama
11. Jump

Taper's notes:  Recorded from section 22 rows 4 and 5.  I moved a couple of times to avoid some chatter and clapping.
As usual, I notice every little sound out of the people at a show, but the recording is fine, and there's not much interference from them after all.  This was my second show of the tour and was a longer drive (~5 hours) than I usually will do for a show.  But, this is the mighty Van Halen, and they're the reason I got so obsessed with music in the first place.  It's another great show from the band despite some of Dave's attempts at hitting the wrong notes.

Here's something else I've noticed at both shows.  They have video screens hanging way off to both sides of the stage.  The video is OK for the occasional close-up, but the quality of the picture isn't so good since it's not very clear.  This doesn't surprise me, but even as close to the stage as we were, there are a lot of people who will just stare at the screens instead of looking at the band and especially during Ed's solo, use their phone to shoot video of the screen.  Meanwhile, the ACTUAL Eddie Van Halen is performing right in front of us in the flesh in crystal clear high definition reality.  If you're going to do video on your phone, at least turn the damn thing the right way so the picture is horizontal like your flat screen TV instead of having it turned up on its side.  Rant over.