Audio Recordings

9 November 1985
Civic Coliseum
Knoxville, TN, United States
Fly on the Wall
2 CDs
Jerry B aka The Govner
Jerry B aka The Govner

CD 1

1. Concert Promo
2. Fly on the Wall
3. Back in Black
4. Shake Your Foundations
5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
6. You Shook Me All Night Long
7. Sin City
8. Jailbreak

CD 2

1. The Jack
2. Shoot to Thrill
3. Highway to Hell
4. Sink the Pink
5. Whole Lotta Rosie
6. Let There Be Rock
7. T.N.T.
8. For Those About to Rock (Wel Salute You)

Taper's notes : This time I thought I would offer up the show that motivated me to start taping my own AC/DC bootlegs after seeing them a few weeks earlier in Hampton,Va.
I haven't had this tape deck a full two weeks before I recorded this second as I chose to buy this recorder on Halloween night and tested it out on Stevie Ray Vaughan with good results!
This AC/DC recording may be from a different source that the tape that is listed on the AC/DC bootleg site as all the songs on this recording are complete with no cuts....
however they did not play "Hells Bells" that night because the weight of the bell did do some damage to the ceiling of the Civic Coliseum (as legend has it...I can not confirm it).
As with all of my analog recordings when it won't all fit on one disc and is longer than 80 minutes I will preserve the flow of the original recording unless it is a really long show (like the 1991 Deer Creek show!).
After converting the cassette to cdr it was a pleasant suprise to see that these shows have aged well in spite of the lack of experience and the $150 recording walkman that was used to tape it!
After all these years it is time to set these older AC/DC shows from out of the darkness of my vault!