Audio Recordings

26 July 1991
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY, USA
Building Empires Tour
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Resistance
2. Walk in the Shadows
3. Best I Can
4. Empire
5. The Thin Line
6. Jet City Woman
7. Last Time in Paris
8. I Remember Now
9. Anarchy-X
10. Revolution Calling
11. Operation: Mindcrime (cut)
12. Spreading the Disease (cut)

CD 2

1. The Mission
2. Suite Sister Mary (cut)
3. The Needle Lies
4. Electric Requiem
5. Breaking the Silence
6. I Don't Believe in Love
7. Waiting for 22
8. My Empty Room
9. Eyes of a Stranger
10. Take Hold of the Flame
11. Silent Lucidity

Taper's notes:
[During the performance of the opening act Suicidal Tendencies] "I kept the mic in my pocket the whole time (I was close to the stage and security was RIGHT there!) so that one is all muffled and incomplete too."
[Queensrÿche's performance] "About a month or so after I recorded this thru my contacts I was able to find a complete version of the show (although lesser in quality). I never did anything with them but decided it was time my master saw the light of day after nearly 25 years, so with the help of a great Queensryche fan Nitroboy/Setzer [G101, and DIME respectively] we were able to find someone to merge the 2 recordings to form an entire show.

After recording the first 45m of the show as I flipped the tape I was having problems with the record button. Every time I pushed it in the machine just clicked off. So I missed the great majority of OM and this is where the 2nd source comes in. I was able to get the deck going again but not until a few minutes before EYES OF A STRANGER.

So this is the result---my first ever shared master posted anywhere. When this show was taped I had been recording shows approx. 8 months already and at that time it seemed there was no shortage of great hard rock/metal shows to see and record. There will be lots more of my masters to come. I hope Queensryche fans can appreciate and will enjoy this show."