Audio Recordings

20 April 1998
William A. Egan Center
Anchorage, AK, United States
Youthanasia Tour
2 CDs
Steve ballsdeep Hagar
Steve ballsdeep Hagar

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Holy Wars... the Punishment Due
3. In My Darkest Hour
4. The Disintegrators
5. Sin
6. Reckoning Day
7. A Secret Place
8. Angry Again
9. She-Wolf
10. Marty's Guitar Solo
11. A Tout le Monde

CD 2

1. I'll Get Even
2. Use the Man
3. Trust
4. Almost Honest
5. Sweating Bullets
6. Symphony of Destruction
7. Bass and Drum Jam
8. Peace Sells
9. Anarchy in Anchorage

Taper's notes: These two shows were kind of a treat. my good buddies Eric and Jerry decided to do a "road trip" to go catch Megadeth on FOUR TWENTY in Anchorage, and the next night in Soldotna. we decided to hit the bar for *one* beer before the 350 mile road trip, and were greeted with quite a sight upon entering The the moment I open the door, an acquaintence from high school, Jay Martin, was punching a dude in the face to the tune of his blood splattering the opening glass door!!!  we ducked into the bar as Jay dragged the sorry sap outside. not sure if you know what that 'corrugated metal' looks like that they make lock boxes out of for the front bed of a pickup, well an old orange GMC was out in the lot with a bumper made of that thing you know, Jay was 'dribbling a basketball' with the guys head on the bumper of the truck, made of that metal. that poor fucker!!! so we quickly downed our beer, and then did the drive, arriving in Anchorage at our hotel early in the morning. we crashed out until 'late check out time', then waited for showtime. and Megadeth did not disappoint. while "Cryptic Writings" is not my favorite album of theirs by any means (too 'commercial'), they put on a solid 90 minutes set, that came out pretty decent, considering the sound at the Egan Center can be hit-or-miss. then Dave told the folks to "head on down to Soldotna the next night", which we did, and I may well have witnessed the heaviest show ever in that area of the state. they played in a youth hockey rink, and they got over 1000 people to show up for it. the sound is a little more 'boomy' than the Anchorage show (due to the venue itself), and the band played basically a carbon-copy set of the previous night show. all in all, it was a great little road trip...I miss the 90's in Alaska, we had road trips 6-8 times a year. now it's more about who the Fair brings up, and occasional shows that pique my interest.