Audio Recordings

Mötley Crüe
13 February 1986
City Hall
Sheffield, England
Not For Trade
2 Vinyls
Iron Eagle Records 068/69

LP 1

A1. In the Beginning
A2. Looks That Kill
A3. Use It or Lose It
A4. Shout at the Devil
A5. Ten Seconds Till Love
B1. Fight for Your Rights
B2. Home Sweet Home
B3. Red Hot
B4. Mick Mars Guitar Solo

LP 2

C1. Keep Your Eye on the Money
C2. Louder Than Hell
C3. Tommy Lee Drum Solo
C4. Too Young to Fall in Love
C5. Live Wire
D1. Smokin' in the Boys Room
D2. Helter Skelter
D3. Jailhouse Rock

Excellent audience recording
Live at the City Hall, Sheffield, England - on the 13th February 1986

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