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16 August 1986
Donington Park
Castle Donington, England
True as Steel Tour
Monsters of Rock Festival
Not For Trade
2 Vinyls
+ London 1985
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LONDON 1985 (Camden Palace, London, U.K. 24/09/1985)

LP 1

A1. Out of Control
A2. Earthshaker Rock
A3. Metal Racer
A4. Wrathchild
A5. Hellbound
A6. Holding Me
B1. Shout It Out
B2. Drum Solo
B3. Evil
B4. Without You
B5. Hateful Guy
B6. All Night

LP 2

C1. Burning the Witches
C2. Time to Die

DONINGTON 1986 (Monsters of Rock Festival, Donington Park, U.K. 16/08/1986)

C3. Earthshaker Rock
C4. Shout It Out
C5. Vorwärts, All Right!
D1. All Night
D2. Love in the Danger Zone
D3. Burning the Witches
D4. True as Steel
D5. Hellbound

Clear vinyls #012/150
Live at the Camden Palace, London, England - on the 24th September 1985

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