Audio Recordings

23 October 1998
The Blue Loon
Fairbanks, AK, United States
Unfinished Business Tour
1 CD
Steve ballsdeep Hagar
Steve ballsdeep Hagar

1. The More Things Change
2. Push Push
3. Hot & Bothered
4. Shelter Me
5. Night Songs
6. Somebody Save Me
7. Heartbreak Station
8. The Last Mile
9. Coming Home
10. Fallin' Apart at the Seams
11. Drum Solo
12. Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone)
13. Nobody's Fool
14. Gypsy Road
15. Shake

Taper's Notes :

Very little that I remember about this night. there were two shows over the weekend, this is the second show; I did attend the 1st but showed up halfway thru and didn't run tape. I've always described this show to people as "if you were a Cinderella fan, you would have had a GREAT time at this show".....Tom was spot on vocally, Freddie beat the shit out of the skins (I love the drum sound on this show, it's like "anti-arena"), Brittingham was doing his "blonde mane shake" with every headbang, and LaBar's guitar was spot-fucking-on. a solid set of ALL the hits, my only complaint was the lack of a requisite cover song (ala "Jumping Jack Flash" for the encore or something)...really really good sound on this one, minimal crowd noise. BIG thanks to bubba420 for going a bit out of his comfort zone with this upload, and you never know what might pop up next...