Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
4 June 2005
Nürburg, Germany
The Early Days Tour
Rock am Ring Festival
Not For Trade
2 Vinyls
Live broadcast MTV Europe

LP 1

A1. Intro
A2. Another Life
A3. The Trooper
A4. Remember Tomorrow
A5. Where Eagles Dare
B1. Run to the Hills
B2. Revelations
B3. Wrathchild
B4. Die with Your Boots on

LP 2

C1. Phantom of the Opera
C2. The Number of the Beast
C3. Hallowed Be Thy Name
D1. Iron Maiden
D2. Running Free
D3. Drifter
D4. Sanctuary

Comes with a red velvet slipcase
Grey Marbled vinyls
Rock am Ring Festival 2005

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork