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17 August 1996
Donington Park
Castle Donington, England
Tribalism Across the World Tour
Monsters of Rock Festival
1 CD

1. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict Cover)     
2. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys Cover)     
3. Policia (Titans)     
4. Sympton Of The Universe (B.Sabbath Cover)     
5. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing     
6. Bodies (Sex Pistols Cover)     
7. C.I.U. (Criminal in Uniform)     
8. Orgasmatron (Studio)     
9. Necromancer (Demo Version)     
10. The Past Reborns The Storms (Demo Version)     
11. A Hora E A Cabelo Nascer     
12. Crusificados Pelo Sistema (RxDxPx Cover)     
13. Anticop (Megarare Track)     
14. Procreation Of The Wicked (Celtic Frost Cover)     
15. Territory (Donington)     
16. Breed Apart (Donington)     
17. Straight Hate (Donington)     
18. Arise (Donington)     
19. Ambush (Donington)     
20. Medley (Donington)     
21. Kaiowas (Unplugged)

Original silver factory pressed CD
Donington '96

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