Audio Recordings

5 June 2013
Tokyo, Japan
Hellish Rock Tour II
2 CDs
Gibong Choi
Gibong Choi

CD 1

1. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
2. Walls of Jericho
3. Eagle Fly Free
4. Nabataea
5. Straight Out of Hell
6. Where the Sinners Go
7. Waiting for the Thunder
8. Burning Sun
9. Drum Solo
10. I’m Alive
11. Live Now!
12. Hold Me in Your Arms
13. If  I Could Fly

CD 2

1. Hell Was Made In Heaven
2. Power
3. Are You Metal?
4. Dr. Stein
5. Medley (Halloween, How Many Tears, Heavy Metal (Is the Law) (with Kai Hansen)
6. I Want Out (with Gamma Ray & A Tale That Wasn't Right Outro)
Hellish Rock Part. II in Tokyo

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