Audio Recordings

27 September 1991
The Globe Arena
Stockholm, Sweden
Crazy World Tour
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Tease Me, Please Me
3. Lust or Love
4. Bad Boys Running Wild
5. Make It Real
6. Hit Between the Eyes
7. The Zoo
8. Still Loving You
9. I Can't Explain
10. Don't Believe Her
11. Rhythm of Love

CD 2

1. Concerto in V
2. Coast to Coast
3. Can't Live without You
4. Blackout
5. Dynamite
6. Holiday
7. Winds of Change
8. Big City Nights
9. Rock You Like a Hurricane

Per Erik notes: Recorded on the floor, but I'm not 100% sure at which position, since they also did a show at this place in January the same year. This is probably done on the fore part of the floor closer to the stage. A good performance
of the band.