Audio Recordings

7 July 2000
Georgia Dome
Atlanta, GA, USA
Summer Sanitarium Tour
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Announcement
2. Creeping Death (Jason Vocals)
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Jason Vocals)
4.Seek and Destroy (Jason Vocals)
5. Earache My Eye (Fieldy Vocals)
6. Counting (Jonathan (Korn) Vocal)
7. Sad but True (Kid Rock Vocal)
8. American Bad Ass (Kid Rock Vocal)

CD 2

1. Nothing Else Matters (Kid Rock Vocal)
2. Fortunate Son (Kid Rock Vocal)
3. Somebody's Gotta Feel His (Kid Rock Vocal)
4. Fuel (Jason Vocal, Kid Rock Decks)
5. Turn the Page (Kid Rock Vocal)
6. Mastertarium (Take 1)
7. Mastertarium (Darren (System of a Down) Vocal)
8. Enter Sandman (Jason Vocal)
Where the Fuck's James

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