Audio Recordings

25 January 1987
Essen, Germany
Master of Puppets Tour
Not For Trade
3 Vinyls
Old Works Records

LP 1

A1. Battery         
A2. Master of Puppets         
A3. For Whom the Bell Tolls         
A4. Welcome Home         
B1. Welcome Home         
B2. Ride the Lighting         
B3. Bass Solo         
B4. Whiplash         

LP 2

C1. The Thing That Should Not Be         
C2. Fade to Black         
C3. Seek and Destroy         
D1. Creeping Death         
D2. The Four Horsemen         
D3. Guitar Solo         

LP 3

E1. Am I Evil         
E2. Damage Inc.         
E3. Blitzkrieg

Bonus Tracks : METAL CHURCH
F1. Gods of Wrath         
F2. The Dark         
F3. Psycho         
F4. Watch the Children Pray
For Metallians Only

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
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