Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
1 June 1988
Center Coliseum
Seattle, WA, United States
Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour
2 CDs
Transferred & mastered by }{eywood

CD 1

1. Moonchild
2. The Evil That Men Do
3. The Prisoner
4. Infinite Dreams
5. The Trooper
6. Can I Play with Madness
7. Heaven Can Wait
8. Wasted Years
9. The Clairvoyant
10. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
11. The Number of the Beast
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name
13. Iron Maiden

CD 2

1. -banter-
2. Run to the Hills
3. 2 Minutes to Midnight
4. Running Free

A great show!  2nd night of the US tour and Bruce doesn't sound like shit like every other Somewhere in Time show I've heard.

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