Audio Recordings

27 September 2022
The Tivoli
Helsingborg, Sweden
Steelfactory World Tour
2 CDs
Zoom H2

CD 1

1. Prophecy
2. Holy Invaders
3. Go Back to Hell
4. Never Cross My Way
5. 24/7
6. Independence Day
7. King of Mean
8. Rose in the Desert
9. Kids and Guns
10. Princess of the Dawn

CD 2

1. Blind Eyes
2. The Bogeyman
3. Like a Beast
4. Metal Never Dies
5. I Give as Good as I Get
6. Man and Machine
7. Animal House
8. Breaker (first time on the tour)
9. Balls to the Wall

Taper's notes : Last night was a hoot and a half. Udo came back to Helsingborg for the first time since 1999, and he put on a great show. For me the highlight was the replacement bass player since the original bass guy came down sick a few weeks ago. Udo called in his old comrade in arms Peter Baltes who happens to be one of my fav bass players of all time, and they really seemed to enjoy each others company on stage. I last saw them together on the short Accept summer run of 2005 and never thought I'd see them together again, so together with the pretty darn good Udo-setlist I was really enjoying myself.

Two guys in their 40's were drunk beyond all comprehension and started mucking about quite close to me. I really thought it would end up in a fight, but luckily it didn't. Then again they both took their shirts off, wriggling about in sweat and beer a bit too close to me so I had to keep my eye on them for a couple of songs. Sometime during the encore they put their shirts back on and just disappeared. I think they may have had some kind of divine calling suddenly appearing inside their heads simultaneously which led them to question their ways and repent.

Or, more probably, they just went for a piss.

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