Audio Recordings

Blaze Bayley
13 January 2013
Café Central
Santos, Brazil
2 CDs
Sony ECM-719 Stereo Microphone > Sony PCM-M10 recorder

CD 1

1. The Trooper *
2. The Evil That Men Do *
3. Wasted Years *
4. Run to the Hills *
5. Wasting Love **
  --  Blaze Bayley enters the stage --
6. Lord of the Flies
7. Judgement of Heaven
8. The Truth Revealed
9. Meant to Be
10. Stare at the Sun
11. One More Step

CD 2

1. Como Estais Amigo
2. Man on the Edge
3. Stealing Time
4. Soundtrack of My Life
5. The Clansman
6. Doctor, Doctor
7. Sign of the Cross
8. The Angel and the Gambler

*  Instrumental. Thomas Zwysen only.
** Instrumental. Thomas Zwysen and Anne Baker only.

Blaze Bayley acoustic set with Thomas Zwysen on acoustic guitars and  Anne Baker Violin on violin.
The recording starts with Thomas Zwysen performing some Iron Maiden classics by himself and at the begining of track 06 ("Lord of the Flies") Blaze enters the stage to sing the rest of the songs.

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