Audio Recordings

26 January 1985
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Ride the Lightning Tour
1 CD
Transferred by Jeff S.

1. Fight Fire with Fire
2. Ride the Lightning
3. Phantom Lord
4. The Four Horsemen
5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
6. For Whom the Bell Tolls
7. No Remorse
8. The Call of Ktulu
9. Seek and Destroy
10. Whiplash
11. Creeping Death
12. Motorbreath

Notes : It's not a bad recording for 1985 to be honest. Pretty good instrument separation, no distortion, vocals come across clean.

"Brooklyn, Ride the Lightning" James also talks about surpassing the craziness of last night before Cliff's solo, and at the end "we'll see you tomorrow".

Correct show : 2nd night in Brooklyn : the bootleg ends with Creeping Death followed by Motorbreath. It's much rarer than the two other shows.

Frequency Analysis
Brooklyn 26.01.1985

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