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6 June 2004
Donington Park
Castle Donington, England
St. Anger Tour
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1 CD
Live Without Lars
Kill 'Em All Records, Inc. - KILL03

1. Announcement
2. Battery
3. The Four Horsemen
4. For Whom the Bell Tolls
5. Creeping Death
6. Seek and Destroy
7. Fade to Black (feat. Lars' Drum Tech Flemming Larsen)
8. Wherever I May Roam
9. Last Caress
10. Sad but True
11. Melbourne
12. Nothing Else Matters
13. Enter Sandman

Original silver factory pressed CD in digipak
Lars Ulrich was absent. He was replaced by Dave Lombardo and Joey Jordison

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Live Without Lars (Download Fest, Donington • June 6, 2004)

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