Audio Recordings

Alice Cooper
18 June 1975
The Forum
Inglewood, CA, United States
Welcome to my Nightmare
1 CD
Jon Wizardo
Jon Wizardo

1. (fades in and out) Intro / Welcome to My Nightmare
2. (fades in) Years Ago Intro / No More Mr Nice Guy / Years Ago Intro Part 2
3. Billion Dollar Babies
4. Years Ago Intro Part 3 / I'm Eighteen
5. Steven's Intro / Welcome to My Nightmare Reprise / Some Folks (faded out)
6. (fades in) Cold Ethyl
7. Only Women Bleed
8. Devil's Food / Black Widow
9. ?? (fades out)

Incomplete recording. Don't know what happened. Probably this is just part 1 of 2 tapes.
In Bowie's recording, Wizardo just found tape 2, so this is most likely, again, part 1 of the set.
Songs missing:  Steven, Welcome To My Nightmare Reprise Part 2, Escape, School's Out, and Department Of Youth.
I know these are a lot of songs, but it is what it is.
The recording had many cuts which i tried to cover/fix but probably missed a few. This recording also circulates as the bootleg "Alone In His Nightmare" which i expect this to be, at the very least, an upgrade over the part that's being seeded.

Frequency Analysis
Los Angeles 18.06.1975