Audio Recordings

14 February 2006
Folkets Park
Växjö, Sweden
Mission No. X
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Mission No. X
2. 24/7
3. Independence Day
4. Trip to Nowhere / Bullet and the Bomb
5. Mean Street
6. Heart of Gold
7. Blind Eyes
8. Cry Soldier Cry / Guitar Solo
9. Princess of the Dawn
10. Thunderball / Drum Solo

CD 2

1. They Want War
2. Animal House
3. Man and Machine
4. Mad for Crazy
5. Holy
6. Metal Heart
7. Balls to the Wall

Taper's notes : In 2006 Folkets Park in Växjö had an idea to book some bands, but it didn't work out very well unfortunately. This show had an attendance of about 30 people. Like the pro he is Udo performed a full show where other bands would have cut the set or cancelled, and those of us in attendance got a great gig. Too bad it didn't work out for the promotor though. Just two months later he actually got Tony Martin to do his awesome Black Sabbath-set with Geoff
Nicholls on keyboards too, that gig had more people in attendance but soon after the whole thing died and Växjö went back into oblivion. Sad.

I think there were battery problems with this, so there may be cuts somewhere. I didn't find them when jost browsing a little, but be warned - it's 15 years ago and I may be wrong but I think it was something somewhere. I may have refrained from releasing it, I'm not sure. My textfile was incomplete and that's always a sign I didn't release something.

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