Audio Recordings

27 May 2016
Dortmund, Germany
Rock im Revier Festival
1 CD
Dave Murray
Dave Murray

1. Pre-Intro - The Final Countdown
2. Intro - The March of War
3. Ghost Division
4. Gott Mit Uns
5. Carolus Rex
6. Swedish Pagans
7. Resist and Bite
8. Intro - Sun Tzu Says
9. The Art of War
10. Wind of Change (snippet)
11. To Hell and Back
12. Night Witches
13. Primo Victoria
14. Metal Crue
15. Outro - Dead Soldier's Waltz

Taper's notes :
For some reason I don´t think I ever released this one, but, here it is.
Really good show and the band were having a good time, nice mix of old and new songs.

During the festival I recorded the following band:
Powerwolf, Garbage, Mando Diao, Ghost, Sabaton, Iron Maiden
Suicidal Tendencies, Apocalyptica, Slayer, Anthrax, Nightwish & 4 songs by Gojira.
and I think I uploaded all the shows, except this one.

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