Audio Recordings

16 December 2011
London, England
World War Tour
2 CDs
Dave Murray
Dave Murray
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CD 1

1. Pre-Intro - The Final Countdown
2. Intro - The March of War
3. Ghost Division
4. Primo Victoria
5. 40:1
6. Cliff of Gallipoli
7. Screaming Eagles
8. Coat of Arms
9. Wolfpack
10. Talvisota
11. The Price of a Mile
12. Panzerkampf
13. Uprising

CD 2

1. White Death
2. Back in Control
3. Swedish Pagans
4. Panzer Battalion
5. Purple Heart
6. Attero Dominatus
7. Metal Ripper
8. Metal Machine / Metal Crue

Taper's notes :
I am going to upload some of my master recordings of Sabatron that never been out before.

This was a special one, the band wanted to do a headline show in the UK and would also be the last show before releasing the new album, however, someone in Belgium booked the band the day after this one. As it turned out, this would be the second to last with the original band members.
Making the show in Antwerpen the last. We tried to get tix to Belgium aswell but they sold out before we could get some.

We came to the arena very late and missed the support band "Hell", the venue e-mailed out this the day before but we couldn´t read it, since we were in the UK at the time, due to the fact that Sabaton had to go to Belgium on the same night, so we ended up standing way in the back in a very sold out
venue. Anyway, I recorded the show and you will hear some talkers and so on.

Absolute brilliant gig by the band and it is always nice to hear the reaction in the audience to the "English Songs" like "Price Of A Mile" or "Back In Control".