Audio Recordings

31 January 2008
The Northern Lights Theater
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Hits and Rarities
1 CD
Sony ECM-719 --> Sony TCD-D8

CD 1

1. Burning Man
2. Damaged
3. NM156
4. Screaming in Digital
5. Welcome to the Machine
6. I'm American
7. Hands
8. Bridge
9. The Killing Words
10. Another Rainy Night
11. Gonna Get Close to You
12. Walk in the Shadows
13. Take Hold of the Flame
14. Real World

CD 2

1. Breaking the Silence
2. Anybody Listening?
3. Jet City Woman
4. Eyes of a Stranger
5. Synchronicity II
6. Roadhouse Blues
7. Empire

Taper's notes:
This was only my 2nd time recording with my gear and i must say this is a big improvement over my first time! First off this venue was really nice compared to the crappy one where i first taped, this show also had researved seating unlike the other. My girlfriend and i shared booth (D-8) with another older couple, our booth was one booth to the left of being dead center in front of the soundboard area. The encore featured contest winner John Swenson (vocalist for the local band "Cherry Pie") singing Synchronicity II followed by a local DJ calling himself "The Gasman" (from WHGQ 102.9 "The Hog") singing "Roadhouse Blues". Geoff lost a bet with "The Gasman" over The Packers vs. The Seahawks NFL playoff game and this was the payoff. Being a newbie i missed the first sec or so of the first song, not really that big of a deal imo. Overall i am very happy with the outcome at this show! This is a raw transfer no mastering of any sort has been done. Thanks goes out to brad for transfering my DAT master.