Audio Recordings

Machine Head
11 February 2020
The Vogue
Indianapolis, IN, United States
Burn My Eyes 25th Anniversary Tour
3 CDs

CD 1 - SET I

1.  Imperium
2.  Take My Scars
3.  Now We Die
4.  Beautiful Mourning
5.  Locust
6.  I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
7.  Aesthetics of Hate
8.  Guitar Solo
9.  Robb speaks / "Darkness Within" intro

CD 2

1.  Darkness Within
2.  Catharsis
3.  From This Day
4.  Ten Ton Hammer
5.  Is There Anybody Out There?
6.  Halo

SET II  "Burn My Eyes"

7.  Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies (pre-recorded intro)
8.  Davidian

CD 3

1.  Old
2.  A Thousand Lies
3.  None but My Own
4.  Drum Solo
5.  The Rage to Overcome
6.  Death Church
7.  A Nation on Fire
8.  Blood for Blood
9.  I'm Your God Now
10.  Medley - Welcome Home / One / Seek & Destroy / Thunder Kiss '65 / South of Heaven / Raining Blood
11.  Block
12.  Band Introduction / Stage banter

Taper's Notes:  I hadn't seen Machine Head since 2009.  Even though I had heard they were playing long shows on the previous tour, I just didn't make the effort to go.  So, when the "Burn My Eyes" 25th anniversary tour was announced, my curiosity was piqued.  I'm used to seeing jam bands or Springsteen pull off a 3-hour show, but a metal band?  I know Robb is one of those guys that rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but I have a whole new level of respect for him.  How his throat can withstand doing that night after night is beyond me.
Plus, they had to cancel the Pontiac, Michigan show three nights later because he and Logan had strep throat.  He mentioned during the show that the band was sick, but you wouldn't know it by watching and listening to them.  After listening to "Burn My Eyes" hundreds of times over the past 25 years, it was awesome seeing it performed live with Logan Mader and Chris Kontos (!), but it just went by so fast it was hard to process, and suddenly it was over.

For the first set and through part of the second set,  I was in a great spot about 50' from the stage.  I moved during the drum solo to get away from someone in front of me that was distracting and interfering with my view.  You may notice the sound changed as I moved to a couple of locations much closer to the stage.  The sound was just a bit different, but I ended up with a much better vantage point.  Enjoy!

The band:
Set I:

Robb Flynn - guitar, vocals
Jared MacEachern - bass
Matt Alston - drums
Waclaw Kieltyka - guitar

Set II:

Robb Flynn - guitar, vocals
Jared MacEachern - bass
Logan Mader - guitar
Chris Kontos - drums