Audio Recordings

29 April 2017
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Brotherhood of the Snake
2 CDs
Sound Professionals CMC-08s (AT943s)->SP-SB10->Roland R05

CD 1

1.  Intro
2.  Brotherhood of the Snake
3.  Rise Up
4.  The Pale King
5.  Centuries of Suffering
6.  Alex Skolnick guitar solo
7.  Electric Crown
8.  Into the Pit
9.  Low
10.  Throne of Thorns
11.  Stronghold
12.  Eric Peterson Guitar Solo

CD 2

1.  Eyes of Wrath
2.  Gene Hoglan Drum Solo
3.  First Strike Is Deadly
4.  Steve DiGiorgio Bass Solo
5.  Urotsukidoji
6.  Souls of Black
7.  Seven Seals
8.  The New Order
9.  encore break
10.  Practice What You Preach
11.  Over the Wall

Taper's notes :
They changed the setlist quite a bit from the last few tours, and it was nice to see a few rarities played from Low and The Ritual for a change.  Sepultura and Prong opened, and a fourth band (Dying Gorgeous Lies) got added but wasn't advertised.  Enjoy!