Audio Recordings

30 July 2016
Circolo Magnolia
Segrate, Italy
2 CDs
Milano Mosh
Milano Mosh
Sony MiniDisc Recorder MZ-N707 / Sony Microphone ECM-719

CD 1

1. Over the Wall (Cuts in)
2. Rise Up
3. The Preacher
4. The Haunting
5. More Than Meets the Eye
6. Practice What You Preach
7. The New Order
8. Dark Roots of Earth
9. Into the Pit
10. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
11. 3 Days in Darkness
12. Disciples of the Watch
13. Alone in the Dark
14. The Formation of Damnation

CD 2

1. Native Blood
2. Outro

Taper's notes:
Master recording, total running time 88 minutes, good sound quality.
Actually I didn't attend to the show due to departure for holidays the same day but this was not to be missed.
So it was done with my equipment by my friend Tiziano that already did Judas Priest in 2011, who luckily went and accepted to record again.
He missed the Intro and the begin of Over The Wall but did another good job after all, more than expected by a non taper kind .
On Rise Up there was also less than 1 second of silence at 00:37 which have been removed.
In addition he took also some photos with his cellphone included in the folder and made a call letting me hear The Preacher.
Live at the sea, 400 Km away, at the restaurant while drinking beer and waiting for seafood's spaghetti.
Holidays couldn't start better this year .
Milan 2016