Audio Recordings

12 November 2019
Nationwide Arena
Columbus, OH, United States
The Final Campaign
2 CDs
Sound Professionals CMC-08s (AT943s)->SP-SB10->Roland R05

CD 1

1.  Delusions of Saviour taped intro
2.  Repentless
3.  Mandatory Suicide
4.  World Painted Blood
5.  Postmortem
6.  Hate Worldwide
7.  War Ensemble
8.  Stain of Mind
9.  Disciple
10.  When the Stillness Comes
11.  Born of Fire
12.  Payback

CD 2

1.  Seasons in the Abyss
2.  Jesus Saves
3.  Chemical Warfare
4.  Hell Awaits
5.  South of Heaven
6.  Show No Mercy
7.  Raining Blood
8.  Dead Skin Mask
9.  Angel of Death
10.  Crowd/Thank you

Taper's notes :  My 13th and final time seeing Slayer :(
I had seen them twice before on previous legs of the tour but couldn't pass up another chance especially with this lineup.  I had a great spot in section 102 in the lower bowl on Kerry's side about 10 or so rows up but had to move after about 35 minutes.  The sound was great, but there was a very tall, drunk and spastic jackass two rows in front of me who was extremely distracting and ruining the show for people around him, so I decided to sacrifice an otherwise excellent view and move about 15 rows farther up so I could actually concentrate and enjoy the show.  I only mention it because you may notice a difference in sound from tracks 10 to 19 since I wasn't as close to the stack.