Audio Recordings

Sebastian Bach
9 July 1998
Alternate Route
Weymouth, MA, USA
2 CDs
Matty Pickett
Matty Pickett
Core Sound binaural mics > Core Sound battery box w/bass roll-off > Sony D8 DAT

CD 1

1. Intro / Sweet Little Sister
2. Here I Am
3. chat
4. Piece of Me
5. Frozen
6. Band Introduction
7. 2 Young 2 Die (Acre Frehley)
8. Parasite (Kiss)
9. 18 and Life
10. Blasphemer

CD 2

1. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath) / Drum Solo / Seeet Leaf
2. chat
3. In a Darkened Room
14. chat
5. Get the Fuck Out
6. Monkey Business / Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) / Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) / Money Business (Reprise)
7. crowd noise
8. The Post Powerful Man in the World
9. I Remember You
10. Youth Gone Wild

Taper's notes :

this show (and many to come) was digitized from a couple of boxes of 1g and master tapes that Mark B obtained from a friend of Matt Pickett's.

Matt, for those of you unaware, tragically perished in the Station Fire; he was there to tape Great White.

I (Steve) was lucky enough to 'meet' him in the back of Goldmine magazine in the mid-90's, and had several phone conversations with him in the late 90's, some lasting hours, just talking about music.

we are slowly integrating some of these shows into our queue of shows to be uploaded.

Matt was an amazing taper, he was an expert at finding the sweet spot, and at dialing in his levels to just below distortion.

most of his shows are a real treat to listen to, and it's an honor to be able to bring many of them to you for the first time.

Matt also had a habit of stating the band/venue/city/date at the end of the show for recordkeeping purposes; we have left those in so that you too can hear his voice.