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10 June 2017
Sölvesborg, Sweden
20th Anniversary Farewell Tour
Sweden Rock Festival
1 CD

1. Intro : Epicus Furor
2. Emerald Sword
3. Wisdom of the Kings
4. Beyond the Gates of Infinity
5. Knightrider of Doom
6. Wings of Destiny
7. Riding the Winds of Eternity
8. Symphony of Enchanted Lands
9. Drum Solo
10. Land of Immortals
11. Dawn of Victory
12. Rain of a Thousand Flames
13. Lamento Eroico
14. Holy Thunderforce
15. In Tenebris (intro only)

Taper's notes : I was happy to learn that Rhapsody would play all of "Symphony" at this gig,
only to be disappointed two songs in when Fabio told us they would play
"most of the album". They play the full album everywhere else (except for
one pre-recorded intro) so I was rewally hoping for it here too, but they cut
two songs from the album (but kept the boring drum solo in...what a bummer).

And to top things off I had a bunch of talkers, singers and "hummers" next to
me. Sometimes you just can't win.

Apart from all that I did have a good time, it was my second and probably last
time seeing the band, and the song choices were good together with a great
audience reception. So I did enjoy the show, they should just never have said
that they were playing the full album (in which case I would not have built up

I hope you will all enjoy this, warts and all. Damn good band!
Sweden Rock Festival 2017

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