Audio Recordings

11 March 2019
Barba Negra Music Club
Budapest, Hungary
Killfest 2019
2 CDs
CA-14 (card) mics > CA-UBB > Tascam DR-2d

CD 1

1. Last Man Standing
2. Electric Rattlesnake
3. Hello From the Gutter
4. Elimination
5. Deny the Cross
6. Distortion
7. Necroshine
8. Under One

CD 2

1. Bastard Nation
2. Mean, Green, Killing Machine
3. Feel the Fire
4. Rotten to the Core
5. Ironbound
6. Fuck You
7. Welcome to the Garden State
8. Fuck You (Reprise)

Taper's notes :
Nice thrash pack on this tour, great event for a Monday night!
I arrived just to catch Flotsam. They were the most important reason to go to this event.
But it was great overall too. Sound finally was great in the Barba Negra club.
Had a big crowd, but no full house and all bands started in time.

Very energetic show from Overkill, as always.