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6 October 1984
Mudd Club
Gothenburg, Sweden
Winged Assassins Tour
Not For Trade
1 Vinyl
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A1. Intro "The End"
A2. On Your Knees
A3. The Flame
A4. Hellion
A5. L.O.V.E. Machine
A6. Sleeping (In the Fire)
A7. Tormentor (Part 1)
B1. Tormentor (Part 2)
B2. School Daze
B3. I Wanna Be Somebody
B4. Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)

Test pressing purple vinyl (ReIssue 09/2019), limited edition to 10 copies with a poster and a postcard

4 spelling mistakes :
- Title on front cover and labels : "The Nothern Butcher", instead of "The Northen Butcher"
- "Winged Assassin", instead of "Winged Assassins"
- "Mudo Club", instead of "Mudd Club".
- "Animal (I Fuck Like A Beast)" instead of "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)"
The Nothern Butcher

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork