Audio Recordings

14 March 2019
VTB Dynamo Arena
Moscow, Russia
The Final Battle World Tour
1 CD

CD 1

1. Joey DeMaio Invitation to the Show     
2. Intro     
3. Manowar     
4. Call to Arms     
5. Brothers of Metal Pt. 1     
6. Thor (The Powehead)     
7. Blood of My Enemies     
8. The Gods Made Heavy Metal     
9. Hand of Doom     
10. Swords in the Wind     
11. House of Death     
12. Sons of Odin     
13. Sting in the Bumblebee     

CD 2

1. Fighting the World     
2. The Power of Thy Sword     
3. Kings of Metal     
4. Warriors of the World     
5. Joey's Speech     
6. Hail and Kill     
7. Black Wind, Fire And Steel     
8. Joey DeMaio Invitation To The Russian Tour     

Bonus Track: The Final Battle I (EP)

9. March of the Heroes Into Valhalla     
10. Blood and Steel     
11. Sword of the Highlands     
12. You Shall Die Before I Die

Original silver factory pressed 2CD in digisleeve
The Final Battle in Moscow

Front Cover Artwork
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