Audio Recordings

9 April 1988
Palau dels Esports
Barcelona, Spain
Rock 'N' Roll
1 CD

1. Dr. Rock
2. Stay Clean
3. Traitor
4. Metropolis
5. Dogs
6. Ace of Spades
7. Eat the Rich (Not Included - Diginoise)
8. Built For Speed (Not Included - Diginoise)
9. Deaf Forever (Not Included - Diginoise)
10. Just 'Cos You Got The Power (Not Included - Diginoise)
11. No Class (Not Included - Diginoise)
12. Orgasmatron (Not Included - Diginoise)
13. Killed by Death
14. Encore Break
15. Stone Deaf in the USA
16. Encore Break
17. Overkill

Notes : This was acquired as a Jansson trade (& Much Appreciated as always for that), & required a little rework in terms of retracking & normalizing for a channel imbalance - achieved using Audacity prior to using TLH for conversion, etc... There was also, sadly, a major diginoise issue with the mid-set tracks (7-12) which unfortunately I wasn't able to remedy at all, despite effort - this means I've ditched the affected tracks as they were unlistenable, so if anyone has a clean transfer of this show it'd be very welcome indeed...

Playing in front of a very appreciative audience, this is a good powerful performance from our favourite Four Cardsharps with a strong setlist

to boot, promoting the 'Rock & Roll' opus - the recording is slightly distant & a little echoey, but all the elements can be discerned clearly

although the vocals are a little too far back in the mix - mp3 samples below...& Remember - They were Motorhead, & They played Rock & fucking

Roll - Don't forget 'em...