Audio Recordings

16 September 2018
Irving Plaza
New York City, NY, USA
Pumpkins United World Tour 2017/2018
3 CDs
iPhone 6S

CD 1

1. Let Me Entertain You
2. Halloween
3. Dr. Stein
4. I'm Alive
5. If I Could Fly
6. Are You Metal?
7. Kids of the Century
8. Perfect Gentleman

CD 2

1. Starlight / Ride the Sky / Judas / Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
2. A Tale That Wasn't Right
3. Pumpkins United
4. Drum Solo
5. Livin' Ain't No Crime
6. A Little Time
7. Where the Sinners Go
8. Sole Survivor
9. Power

CD 3

1. How Many Tears
2. Invitation / Eagle Fly Free
3. Keeper of the Seven Keys
4. Kai Hansen Guitar Solo
5. Future World
6. I Want Out

Taper's notes :
Helloween were one of my favorite bands when I started listening to heavy metal as a kid so when I learned that Kiske and Hansen are back in the band for the tour I just had to be there.
I was really looking forward to record this show, unfortunately I got busted at the door and the security took my recorder (they gave it back to me after the show).
I recorded this with my iPhone 6s buit in mic using Zoom Handyrec app.
If somebody has better quality recording of this show please share it.
The sound quality is not great but it is listenable.
Sample will be provided in comments.